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§ 23.43 - Mediation.

(a) Treasury will promptly refer to a mediation agency designated by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) all sufficient complaints that:

(1) Fall within the jurisdiction of the Act and these regulations, unless the age distinction complained of is clearly within an exception; and,

(2) Contain all information necessary for further processing.

(b) Both the complainant and the recipient shall participate in the mediation process to the extent necessary to reach an agreement or make an informed judgment that an agreement is not possible.

(c) If the complainant and the recipient reach an agreement, the mediator shall prepare a written statement of the agreement and have the complainant and the recipient sign it. The mediator shall send a copy of the agreement to Treasury. Treasury will take no further action on the complaint unless the complainant or the recipient fails to comply with the agreement.

(d) The mediator shall protect the confidentially of all information obtained in the course of the mediation process. No mediator shall testify in any adjudicative proceeding, produce any document, or otherwise disclose any information obtained in the course of the mediation process without prior approval of the head of the mediation agency.

(e)(1) The mediation will proceed for a maximum of 60 days after a complaint is filed with Treasury. Mediation ends if:

(i) 60 days elapse from the time the complaint is filed; or

(ii) Prior to the end of that 60-day period, an agreement is reached; or

(iii) Prior to the end of that 60-day period, the mediator determines that an agreement cannot be reached.

(2) This 60-day period may be extended by the mediator, with the concurrence of Treasury, for not more than 30 days if the mediator determines that agreement likely will be reached during such extended period.

(f) The mediator shall notify Treasury when mediation is not successful and Treasury will continue processing the complaint.