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§ 26.2 - Availability of project listings.

(a) The Office of Multilateral Development Banks of the Department of the Treasury (hereinafter “MDB Office”) will ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), the Department of State, the Agency for International Development (AID), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Bank Information Center (BIC) (which is a private, nongovernmental organization located in Washington, DC), receive copies from each multilateral development bank (MDB) of project listings describing future MDB projects and assigning environmental categories based on the environmental impact of each project. If an MDB has not provided a project listing to one of these entities, these entities may obtain the project listing by contacting the MDB Office, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20220, (202) 622-0765.

(b)(1) Members of the public may obtain copies of project listings from the BIC, 2025 Eye Street NW., suite 522, Washington, DC 20006 ((202) 466-8191, not a toll-free call).

(2) If a copy is not available from the BIC, members of the public may arrange to review and/or copy a project listing by contacting the MDB Office which will make a copy available at the Department of the Treasury Library, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC ((202) 622-0990, not a toll-free call). Members of the public are advised that they must make an appointment with the Treasury Library before they visit and that a charge (currently 15 cents per page) is imposed for the use of the library photocopier.