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§ 29.514 - Requests for waiver and/or compromise.

(a) Right to request waiver and/or compromise. Individuals who receive a demand letter regarding an overpayment may ask the Department to waive and/or compromise, in whole or part, the amount of the overpayment.

(b) Requests for reconsideration. Individuals who have filed a request for reconsideration under § 29.512 may also request a waiver and/or compromise under this section.

(c) Form and timing of requests for waiver and/or compromise. (1) A request for waiver and/or compromise must be in writing and must state the basis for the request. Individuals making such requests will be given a full opportunity to present any pertinent information and documentation supporting their position and should, to the extent possible, include such information and documentation in their request. Individuals seeking waiver or compromise of an overpayment must also submit required financial information identified in the demand letter.

(2) A request for waiver or compromise must be filed with the Department. If the request is sent by mail, it must be postmarked within 60 calendar days of the date of the demand letter. If the request is hand delivered or delivered electronically, it must be received within 60 calendar days of the date of the demand letter. The Department may extend the time limit for filing when the individual shows that he or she was not notified of the time limit and was not otherwise aware of it, or that he or she was prevented by circumstances beyond his or her control from making the request within the time limit, or for other good and sufficient reason.

(3) When a request for waiver and/or compromise under this section is properly filed before the death of the debtor, it will be processed to completion unless the relief sought is nullified by the debtor's death.

(d) Waiver and/or compromise decisions. (1) The Department's decision on a request for waiver and/or compromise will be based upon the individual's written submissions, evidence of record, and other pertinent available information. An individual's request for waiver will be evaluated by the standards set forth in §§ 29.521 through 29.526. An individual's request for compromise will be evaluated by the standards set forth in the FCCS in 31 CFR part 902.

(2) A waiver or compromise decision by the Department will -

(i) Be in writing;

(ii) Provide notice of whether the overpayment will be waived or compromised, and the extent to which the individual is still liable for the overpayment, if at all;

(iii) If the individual is determined to be liable for all or a portion of the overpayment, reaffirm or modify the conditions for the collection of the overpayment previously proposed in the demand letter; and

(iv) Be issued within 120 calendar days from the Department's receipt of a timely request for waiver and/or compromise. This time limit does not apply to requests for compromise that are referred to the Department of Justice for consideration pursuant to 31 CFR 902.1(b).