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§ 3.5 - Limitations on authority to approve claims.

(a) All proposed awards, compromises or settlements in excess of $25,000 require the prior written approval of the Attorney General.

(b) All claims which fall within the provisions of 28 CFR 14.6(b) require referral to and consultation with the Department of Justice.

(c) Any claim which falls within paragraph (a) or (b) of this section shall be reviewed by the General Counsel. If the claim, award, compromise, or settlement receives the approval of the General Counsel and the head of the bureau or office or his designee, a letter shall be prepared for the signature of the General Counsel transmitting to the Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division, Department of Justice, the case for approval or consultation as required by 28 CFR 14.6. Such letter shall conform with the requirements set forth in 28 CFR 14.7.