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§ 668.501 - Aggressive and deceptive recruitment tactics or conduct.

(a) Aggressive and deceptive recruitment tactics or conduct include but are not limited to actions by the institution, any of its representatives, or any institution, organization, or person with whom the institution has an agreement to provide educational programs, marketing, recruitment, or lead generation that:

(1) Demand or pressure the student or prospective student to make enrollment or loan-related decisions immediately, including falsely claiming that the student or prospective student would lose their opportunity to attend;

(2) Take unreasonable advantage of a student's or prospective student's lack of knowledge about, or experience with, postsecondary institutions, postsecondary programs, or financial aid to pressure the student into enrollment or borrowing funds to attend the institution;

(3) Discourage the student or prospective student from consulting an adviser, a family member, or other resource or individual prior to making enrollment or loan-related decisions;

(4) Obtain the student's or prospective student's contact information through websites or other means that:

(i) Falsely offer assistance to individuals seeking Federal, state or local benefits;

(ii) Falsely advertise employment opportunities; or,

(iii) Present false rankings of the institution or its programs;

(5) Use threatening or abusive language or behavior toward the student or prospective student; or,

(6) Repeatedly engage in unsolicited contact for the purpose of enrolling or reenrolling after the student or prospective student has requested not to be contacted further.

(b) [Reserved]