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§ 261.58 - Occupancy and use.

When provided by an order, the following are prohibited:

(a) Camping for a period longer than allowed by the order.

(b) Entering or using a developed recreation site or portion thereof.

(c) Entering or remaining in a campground during night periods prescribed in the order except for persons who are occupying such campgrounds.

(d) Occupying a developed recreation site with prohibited camping equipment prescribed by the order.

(e) Camping.

(f) Using a campsite or other area described in the order by more than the number of users allowed by the order.

(g) Parking or leaving a vehicle in violation of posted instructions.

(h) Parking or leaving a vehicle outside a parking space assigned to one's own camp unit.

(i) Possessing, parking or leaving more than two vehicles, except motorcycles or bicycles per camp unit.

(j) Being publicly nude.

(k) Entering or being in a body of water.

(l) Being in the area after sundown or before sunrise.

(m) Discharging a firearm, air rifle, or gas gun.

(n) Possessing or operating a motorboat.

(o) Water skiing.

(p) Storing or leaving a boat or raft.

(q) Operating any watercraft in excess of a posted speed limit.

(r) Launching a boat except at a designated launching ramp.

(s) Possessing, storing, or transporting any bird, fish, or other animal or parts thereof, as specified in the order.

(t) Possessing, storing, or transporting any part of a tree or other plant, as specified in the order.

(u) Being in the area between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. except a person who is camping or who is visiting a person camping in that area.

(v) Hunting or fishing.

(w) Possessing or transporting any motor or mechanical device capable of propelling a watercraft through water by any means.

(x) Using any wheel, roller, or other mechanical device for the overland transportation of any watercraft.

(y) Landing of aircraft, or dropping or picking up any material, supplies, or person by means of an aircraft, including a helicopter.

(z) Entering or being on lands or waters within the boundaries of a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

(aa) Riding, hitching, tethering or hobbling a horse or other saddle or pack animal in violation of posted instructions.

(bb) Possessing a beverage which is defined as an alcoholic beverage by State law.

(cc) Possessing or storing any food or refuse, as specified in the order.

(dd) [Reserved]

(ee) Depositing any body waste in caves except into receptacles provided for that purpose.

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