U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jul 13, 2020

§ 1237.20 - What are special considerations in the maintenance of audiovisual records?

Agencies must:

(a) Handle audiovisual records in accordance with commonly accepted industry practices.

(b) Protect audiovisual records, including those recorded on digital media or magnetic sound or video media, from accidental or deliberate alteration or erasure.

(c) If different versions of audiovisual productions (e.g., short and long versions or foreign-language versions) are prepared, keep an unaltered copy of each version for record purposes.

(d) Link audiovisual records with their finding aids, including captions and published and unpublished catalogs, inventories, indexes, and production files and similar documentation created in the course of audiovisual production. Establish and communicate agency-wide, clear captioning standards, procedures, and responsibilities.

(e) Maintain current and accessible documentation identifying creators of audiovisual products, their precise relationship to the agency, and the nature and status of copyright or other rights affecting the present and future use of items acquired from sources outside the agency. (See § 1222.32 of this subchapter for requirements to ensure agency ownership of appropriate contractor produced records.)

(f) Create unique identifiers for all audiovisual records (e.g., for digital files, use file naming conventions), that clarify connections between related elements (e.g., photographic prints and negatives, or original edited masters and dubbing for video and audio recordings), and that associate records with the relevant creating, sponsoring, or requesting offices.

(g) Maintain temporary and permanent audiovisual records separately.

(h) Require that personnel wear white lint-free cotton (or other approved) gloves when handling film.