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§ 404.11 - Appeals.

(a) The following parties may appeal to the agency head or designee of the Federal agency any decision or determination concerning the grant, denial, modification, or termination of a license:

(1) A person whose application for a license has been denied;

(2) A licensee whose license has been modified or terminated, in whole or in part; or

(3) A person who timely filed a written objection in response to the notice required by § 404.7 and who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Federal agency that such person may be damaged by the agency action due to being denied the opportunity to promote the commercialization of the invention.

(b) The Federal agency shall establish appropriate procedures for considering appeals under paragraph (a) of this section.

[71 FR 11514, Mar. 8, 2006, as amended at 88 FR 17740, Mar. 24, 2023]