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§ 104.8 - Prehearing conferences.

Prehearing conferences are encouraged for the purposes of simplification of issues, identification and scheduling of evidence and witnesses, the establishment of an orderly framework for the proceedings, the expediting of the hearing, and such other purposes of a similar nature as may be appropriate.

(a) The Presiding Officer on his own motion may, and at the request of any party made within 20 days of the proposal of standards hereunder shall, direct all parties to appear at a specified time and place for an initial hearing session in the nature of a prehearing conference. Matters taken up at the conference may include, without limitation:

(1) Consideration and simplification of any issues of law or fact;

(2) Identification, advance submission, marking for identification, consideration of any objections to admission, and admission of documentary evidence;

(3) Possible stipulations of fact;

(4) The identification of each witness expected to be called by each party, and the nature and substance of his expected testimony;

(5) Scheduling of witnesses where practicable, and limitation of the number of witnesses where appropriate in order to avoid delay or repetition;

(6) If desirable, the segregation of the hearing into separate segments for different provisions of the proposed effluent standards and the establishment of separate service lists;

(7) Encouragement of objecting parties to agree upon and designate lead counsel for objectors with common interests so as to avoid repetitious questioning of witnesses.

(b) The Presiding Officer may, following a prehearing conference, issue an order setting forth the agreements reached by the parties or representatives, the schedule of witnesses, and a statement of issues for the hearing. In addition such order may direct the parties to file and serve copies of documents or materials, file and serve lists of witnesses which may include a short summary of the expected testimony of each and, in the case of an expert witness, his curriculum vitae, and may contain such other directions as may be appropriate to facilitate the proceedings.