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§ 105.4 - What are the requirements for the Awards Program?

(a) EPA will administer the Awards Program, and should establish annual guidance as necessary to administer the Awards Program. EPA will request from the various offices, and States and Tribes as appropriate, nominations for the Awards Program.

(b) Nominees must be in total compliance with all applicable water quality requirements under the CWA in order to be eligible for an award, and otherwise have a satisfactory record with respect to environmental quality.

(c) Nominees must provide written documentation as evidence to support their outstanding technological achievement or innovative process, method or device in their waste treatment and/or pollution abatement programs.

(d) EPA may issue annual guidance memoranda to administer each year's awards programs. For information on the availability of additional guidance, contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Municipal Assistance Branch, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Mail Code 4204-M, Washington, DC 20460. You may also visit EPA's Web site at