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§ 130.12 - Coordination with other programs.

(a) Relationship to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. In accordance with section 208(e) of the Act, no NPDES permit may be issued which is in conflict with an approved Water Quality Management (WQM) plan. Where a State has assumed responsibility for the administration of the permit program under section 402, it shall assure consistency with the WQM plan.

(b) Relationship to the municipal construction grants program. In accordance with sections 205(j), 216 and 303(e)(3)(H) of the Act, each State shall develop a system for setting priorities for funding construction of municipal wastewater treatment facilities under section 201 of the Act. The State, or the agency to which the State has delegated WQM planning functions, shall review each facility plan in its area for consistency with the approved WQM plan. Under section 208(d) of the Act, after a waste treatment management agency has been designated and a WQM plan approved, section 201 construction grant funds may be awarded only to those agencies for construction of treatment works in conformity with the approved WQM plan.

(c) Relationship to Federal activities - Each department, agency or instrumentality of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Federal Government having jurisdiction over any property or facility or engaged in any activity resulting, or which may result, in the discharge or runoff of pollutants shall comply with all Federal, State, interstate and local requirements, administrative authority, and process and sanctions respecting the control and abatement of water pollution in the same manner and extent as any non-governmental entity in accordance with section 313 of the CWA.