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§ 131.33 - Idaho.

(a) Temperature criteria for bull trout. (1) Except for those streams or portions of streams located in Indian country, or as may be modified by the Regional Administrator, EPA Region X, pursuant to paragraph (a)(3) of this section, a temperature criterion of 10 °C, expressed as an average of daily maximum temperatures over a seven-day period, applies to the waterbodies identified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section during the months of June, July, August and September.

(2) The following waters are protected for bull trout spawning and rearing:

(i) BOISE-MORE BASIN: Devils Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek.

(ii) BROWNLEE RESERVOIR BASIN: Crooked River, Indian Creek.

(iii) CLEARWATER BASIN: Big Canyon Creek, Cougar Creek, Feather Creek, Laguna Creek, Lolo Creek, Orofino Creek, Talapus Creek, West Fork Potlatch River.

(iv) COEUR D'ALENE LAKE BASIN: Cougar Creek, Fernan Creek, Kid Creek, Mica Creek, South Fork Mica Creek, Squaw Creek, Turner Creek.

(v) HELLS CANYON BASIN: Dry Creek, East Fork Sheep Creek, Getta Creek, Granite Creek, Kurry Creek, Little Granite Creek, Sheep Creek.

(vi) LEMHI BASIN: Adams Creek, Alder Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Big Eightmile Creek, Big Springs Creek, Big Timber Creek, Bray Creek, Bull Creek, Cabin Creek, Canyon Creek, Carol Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Clear Creek, Climb Creek, Cooper Creek, Dairy Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Park Creek, East Fork Hayden Creek, Eighteenmile Creek, Falls Creek, Ferry Creek, Ford Creek, Geertson Creek, Grove Creek, Hawley Creek, Hayden Creek, Kadletz Creek, Kenney Creek, Kirtley Creek, Lake Creek, Lee Creek, Lemhi River (above Big Eightmile Creek), Little Eightmile Creek, Little Mill Creek, Little Timber Creek, Middle Fork Little Timber Creek, Milk Creek, Mill Creek, Mogg Creek, North Fork Kirtley Creek, North Fork Little Timber Creek, Paradise Creek, Patterson Creek, Payne Creek, Poison Creek, Prospect Creek, Rocky Creek, Short Creek, Squaw Creek, Squirrel Creek, Tobias Creek, Trail Creek, West Fork Hayden Creek, Wright Creek.

(vii) LITTLE LOST BASIN: Badger Creek, Barney Creek, Bear Canyon, Bear Creek, Bell Mountain Creek, Big Creek, Bird Canyon, Black Creek, Buck Canyon, Bull Creek, Cedar Run Creek, Chicken Creek, Coal Creek, Corral Creek, Deep Creek, Dry Creek, Dry Creek Canal, Firbox Creek, Garfield Creek, Hawley Canyon, Hawley Creek, Horse Creek, Horse Lake Creek, Iron Creek, Jackson Creek, Little Lost River (above Badger Creek), Mahogany Creek, Main Fork Sawmill Creek, Massacre Creek, Meadow Creek, Mill Creek, Moffett Creek, Moonshine Creek, Quigley Creek, Red Rock Creek, Sands Creek, Sawmill Creek, Slide Creek, Smithie Fork, Squaw Creek, Summerhouse Canyon, Summit Creek, Timber Creek, Warm Creek, Wet Creek, Williams Creek.

(viii) LITTLE SALMON BASIN: Bascum Canyon, Boulder Creek, Brown Creek, Campbell Ditch, Castle Creek, Copper Creek, Granite Fork Lake Fork Rapid River, Hard Creek, Hazard Creek, Lake Fork Rapid River, Little Salmon River (above Hazard Creek), Paradise Creek, Pony Creek, Rapid River, Squirrel Creek, Trail Creek, West Fork Rapid River.

(ix) LOCHSA BASIN: Apgar Creek, Badger Creek, Bald Mountain Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Flat Creek, Big Stew Creek, Boulder Creek, Brushy Fork, Cabin Creek, Castle Creek, Chain Creek, Cliff Creek, Coolwater Creek, Cooperation Creek, Crab Creek, Crooked Fork Lochsa River, Dan Creek, Deadman Creek, Doe Creek, Dutch Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Papoose Creek, East Fork Split Creek, East Fork Squaw Creek, Eel Creek, Fern Creek, Fire Creek, Fish Creek, Fish Lake Creek, Fox Creek, Gass Creek, Gold Creek, Ham Creek, Handy Creek, Hard Creek, Haskell Creek, Heather Creek, Hellgate Creek, Holly Creek, Hopeful Creek, Hungery Creek, Indian Grave Creek, Jay Creek, Kerr Creek, Kube Creek, Lochsa River, Lone Knob Creek, Lottie Creek, Macaroni Creek, Maud Creek, Middle Fork Clearwater River, No-see-um Creek, North Fork Spruce Creek, North Fork Storm Creek, Nut Creek, Otter Slide Creek, Pack Creek, Papoose Creek, Parachute Creek, Pass Creek, Pedro Creek, Pell Creek, Pete King Creek, Placer Creek, Polar Creek, Postoffice Creek, Queen Creek, Robin Creek, Rock Creek, Rye Patch Creek, Sardine Creek, Shoot Creek, Shotgun Creek, Skookum Creek, Snowshoe Creek, South Fork Spruce Creek, South Fork Storm Creek, Split Creek, Sponge Creek, Spring Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Storm Creek, Tick Creek, Tomcat Creek, Tumble Creek, Twin Creek, Wag Creek, Walde Creek, Walton Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Weir Creek, Wendover Creek, West Fork Boulder Creek, West Fork Papoose Creek, West Fork Squaw Creek, West Fork Wendover Creek, White Sands Creek, Willow Creek.

(x) LOWER CLARK FORK BASIN: Cascade Creek, East Fork, East Fork Creek, East Forkast Fork Creek, Gold Creek, Johnson Creek, Lightning Creek, Mosquito Creek, Porcupine Creek, Rattle Creek, Spring Creek, Twin Creek, Wellington Creek.

(xi) LOWER KOOTENAI BASIN: Ball Creek, Boundary Creek, Brush Creek, Cabin Creek, Caribou Creek, Cascade Creek, Cooks Creek, Cow Creek, Curley Creek, Deep Creek, Grass Creek, Jim Creek, Lime Creek, Long Canyon Creek, Mack Creek, Mission Creek, Myrtle Creek, Peak Creek, Snow Creek, Trout Creek.

(xii) LOWER MIDDLE FORK SALMON BASIN: Acorn Creek, Alpine Creek, Anvil Creek, Arrastra Creek, Bar Creek, Beagle Creek, Beaver Creek, Belvidere Creek, Big Creek, Birdseye Creek, Boulder Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Creek, Bull Creek, Cabin Creek, Camas Creek, Canyon Creek, Castle Creek, Clark Creek, Coin Creek, Corner Creek, Coxey Creek, Crooked Creek, Doe Creek, Duck Creek, East Fork Holy Terror Creek, Fawn Creek, Flume Creek, Fly Creek, Forge Creek, Furnace Creek, Garden Creek, Government Creek, Grouse Creek, Hammer Creek, Hand Creek, Holy Terror Creek, J Fell Creek, Jacobs Ladder Creek, Lewis Creek, Liberty Creek, Lick Creek, Lime Creek, Little Jacket Creek, Little Marble Creek, Little White Goat Creek, Little Woodtick Creek, Logan Creek, Lookout Creek, Loon Creek, Martindale Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Smith Creek, Monumental Creek, Moore Creek, Mulligan Creek, North Fork Smith Creek, Norton Creek, Placer Creek, Pole Creek, Rams Creek, Range Creek, Routson Creek, Rush Creek, Sawlog Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheldon Creek, Shellrock Creek, Ship Island Creek, Shovel Creek, Silver Creek, Smith Creek, Snowslide Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Camas Creek, South Fork Chamberlain Creek, South Fork Holy Terror Creek, South Fork Norton Creek, South Fork Rush Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, Spider Creek, Spletts Creek, Telephone Creek, Trail Creek, Two Point Creek, West Fork Beaver Creek, West Fork Camas Creek, West Fork Monumental Creek, West Fork Rush Creek, White Goat Creek, Wilson Creek.

(xiii) LOWER NORTH FORK CLEARWATER BASIN: Adair Creek, Badger Creek, Bathtub Creek, Beaver Creek, Black Creek, Brush Creek, Buck Creek, Butte Creek, Canyon Creek, Caribou Creek, Crimper Creek, Dip Creek, Dog Creek, Elmer Creek, Falls Creek, Fern Creek, Goat Creek, Isabella Creek, John Creek, Jug Creek, Jungle Creek, Lightning Creek, Little Lost Lake Creek, Little North Fork Clearwater River, Lost Lake Creek, Lund Creek, Montana Creek, Mowitch Creek, Papoose Creek, Pitchfork Creek, Rocky Run, Rutledge Creek, Spotted Louis Creek, Triple Creek, Twin Creek, West Fork Montana Creek, Willow Creek.

(xiv) LOWER SALMON BASIN: Bear Gulch, Berg Creek, East Fork John Day Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Fiddle Creek, French Creek, Hurley Creek, John Day Creek, Kelly Creek, Klip Creek, Lake Creek, Little Slate Creek, Little Van Buren Creek, No Business Creek, North Creek, North Fork Slate Creek, North Fork White Bird Creek, Partridge Creek, Slate Creek, Slide Creek, South Fork John Day Creek, South Fork White Bird Creek, Warm Springs Creek.

(xv) LOWER SELWAY BASIN: Anderson Creek, Bailey Creek, Browns Spring Creek, Buck Lake Creek, Butte Creek, Butter Creek, Cabin Creek, Cedar Creek, Chain Creek, Chute Creek, Dent Creek, Disgrace Creek, Double Creek, East Fork Meadow Creek, East Fork Moose Creek, Elbow Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fourmile Creek, Gate Creek, Gedney Creek, Goddard Creek, Horse Creek, Indian Hill Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little Schwar Creek, Matteson Creek, Meadow Creek, Monument Creek, Moose Creek, Moss Creek, Newsome Creek, North Fork Moose Creek, Rhoda Creek, Saddle Creek, Schwar Creek, Shake Creek, Spook Creek, Spur Creek, Tamarack Creek, West Fork Anderson Creek, West Fork Gedney Creek, West Moose Creek, Wounded Doe Creek.

(xvi) MIDDLE FORK CLEARWATER BASIN: Baldy Creek, Big Cedar Creek, Browns Spring Creek, Clear Creek, Middle Fork Clear Creek, Pine Knob Creek, South Fork Clear Creek.

(xvii) MIDDLE FORK PAYETTE BASIN: Bull Creek, Middle Fork Payette River (above Fool Creek), Oxtail Creek, Silver Creek, Sixteen-to-one Creek.

(xviii) MIDDLE SALMON-CHAMBERLAIN BASIN: Arrow Creek, Bargamin Creek, Bat Creek, Bay Creek, Bear Creek, Bend Creek, Big Elkhorn Creek, Big Harrington Creek, Big Mallard Creek, Big Squaw Creek, Bleak Creek, Bronco Creek, Broomtail Creek, Brown Creek, Cayuse Creek, Center Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Cliff Creek, Colt Creek, Corn Creek, Crooked Creek, Deer Creek, Dennis Creek, Disappointment Creek, Dismal Creek, Dog Creek, East Fork Fall Creek, East Fork Horse Creek, East Fork Noble Creek, Fall Creek, Filly Creek, Fish Creek, Flossie Creek, Game Creek, Gap Creek, Ginger Creek, Green Creek, Grouse Creek, Guard Creek, Hamilton Creek, Horse Creek, Hot Springs Creek, Hotzel Creek, Hungry Creek, Iodine Creek, Jack Creek, Jersey Creek, Kitchen Creek, Lake Creek, Little Horse Creek, Little Lodgepole Creek, Little Mallard Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Mayflower Creek, McCalla Creek, Meadow Creek, Moose Creek, Moose Jaw Creek, Mule Creek, Mustang Creek, No Name Creek, Owl Creek, Poet Creek, Pole Creek, Porcupine Creek, Prospector Creek, Pup Creek, Queen Creek, Rainey Creek, Ranch Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Red Top Creek, Reynolds Creek, Rim Creek, Ring Creek, Rock Creek, Root Creek, Runaway Creek, Sabe Creek, Saddle Creek, Salt Creek, Schissler Creek, Sheep Creek, Short Creek, Shovel Creek, Skull Creek, Slaughter Creek, Slide Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Chamberlain Creek, South Fork Kitchen Creek, South Fork Salmon River, Spread Creek, Spring Creek, Starvation Creek, Steamboat Creek, Steep Creek, Stud Creek, Warren Creek, Webfoot Creek, West Fork Chamberlain Creek, West Fork Rattlesnake Creek, West Horse Creek, Whimstick Creek, Wind River, Woods Fork Horse Creek.

(xix) MIDDLE SALMON-PANTHER BASIN: Allen Creek, Arnett Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Deer Creek, Blackbird Creek, Boulder Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Carmen Creek, Clear Creek, Colson Creek, Copper Creek, Corral Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Deadhorse Creek, Deep Creek, East Boulder Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Fawn Creek, Fourth Of July Creek, Freeman Creek, Homet Creek, Hughes Creek, Hull Creek, Indian Creek, Iron Creek, Jackass Creek, Jefferson Creek, Jesse Creek, Lake Creek, Little Deep Creek, Little Hat Creek, Little Sheep Creek, McConn Creek, McKim Creek, Mink Creek, Moccasin Creek, Moose Creek, Moyer Creek, Musgrove Creek, Napias Creek, North Fork Hughes Creek, North Fork Iron Creek, North Fork Salmon River, North Fork Williams Creek, Opal Creek, Otter Creek, Owl Creek, Panther Creek, Park Creek, Phelan Creek, Pine Creek, Pony Creek, Porphyry Creek, Pruvan Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rancherio Creek, Rapps Creek, Salt Creek, Salzer Creek, Saw Pit Creek, Sharkey Creek, Sheep Creek, South Fork Cabin Creek, South Fork Iron Creek, South Fork Moyer Creek, South Fork Phelan Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, South Fork Williams Creek, Spring Creek, Squaw Creek, Trail Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Creek, Weasel Creek, West Fork Blackbird Creek, West Fork Iron Creek, Williams Creek, Woodtick Creek.

(xx) MOYIE BASIN: Brass Creek, Bussard Creek, Copper Creek, Deer Creek, Faro Creek, Keno Creek, Kreist Creek, Line Creek, McDougal Creek, Mill Creek, Moyie River (above Skin Creek), Placer Creek, Rutledge Creek, Skin Creek, Spruce Creek, West Branch Deer Creek.

(xxi) NORTH AND MIDDLE FORK BOISE BASIN: Abby Creek, Arrastra Creek, Bald Mountain Creek, Ballentyne Creek, Banner Creek, Bayhouse Creek, Bear Creek, Bear River, Big Gulch, Big Silver Creek, Billy Creek, Blackwarrior Creek, Bow Creek, Browns Creek, Buck Creek, Cabin Creek, Cahhah Creek, Camp Gulch, China Fork, Coma Creek, Corbus Creek, Cow Creek, Crooked River, Cub Creek, Decker Creek, Dutch Creek, Dutch Frank Creek, East Fork Roaring River, East Fork Swanholm Creek, East Fork Yuba River, Flint Creek, Flytrip Creek, Gotch Creek, Graham Creek, Granite Creek, Grays Creek, Greylock Creek, Grouse Creek, Hot Creek, Hungarian Creek, Joe Daley Creek, Johnson Creek, Kid Creek, King Creek, La Mayne Creek, Leggit Creek, Lightning Creek, Little Queens River, Little Silver Creek, Louise Creek, Lynx Creek, Mattingly Creek, McKay Creek, McLeod Creek, McPhearson Creek, Middle Fork Boise River (above Roaring River), Middle Fork Corbus Creek, Middle Fork Roaring River, Mill Creek, Misfire Creek, Montezuma Creek, North Fork Boise River (above Bear River), Phifer Creek, Pikes Fork, Quartz Gulch, Queens River, Rabbit Creek, Right Creek, Roaring River, Robin Creek, Rock Creek, Rockey Creek, Sawmill Creek, Scenic Creek, Scotch Creek, Scott Creek, Shorip Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, Snowslide Creek, South Fork Corbus Creek, South Fork Cub Creek, Spout Creek, Steamboat Creek, Steel Creek, Steppe Creek, Swanholm Creek, Timpa Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Tripod Creek, West Fork Creek, West Warrior Creek, Willow Creek, Yuba River.

(xxii) NORTH FORK PAYETTE BASIN: Gold Fork River, North Fork Gold Fork River, Pearsol Creek.

(xxiii) AHSIMEROI BASIN: Baby Creek, Bear Creek, Big Creek, Big Gulch, Burnt Creek, Christian Gulch, Dead Cat Canyon, Ditch Creek, Donkey Creek, Doublespring Creek, Dry Canyon, Dry Gulch, East Fork Burnt Creek, East Fork Morgan Creek, East Fork Pahsimeroi River, East Fork Patterson Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Falls Creek, Goldberg Creek, Hillside Creek, Inyo Creek, Long Creek, Mahogany Creek, Mill Creek, Morgan Creek, Morse Creek, Mulkey Gulch, North Fork Big Creek, North Fork Morgan Creek, Pahsimeroi River (above Big Creek), Patterson Creek, Rock Spring Canyon, Short Creek, Snowslide Creek, South Fork Big Creek, Spring Gulch, Squaw Creek, Stinking Creek, Tater Creek, West Fork Burnt Creek, West Fork North Fork Big Creek.

(xxiv) PAYETTE BASIN: Squaw Creek, Third Fork Squaw Creek.

(xxv) PEND OREILLE LAKE BASIN: Branch North Gold Creek, Cheer Creek, Chloride Gulch, Dry Gulch, Dyree Creek, Flume Creek, Gold Creek, Granite Creek, Grouse Creek, Kick Bush Gulch, North Fork Grouse Creek, North Gold Creek, Plank Creek, Rapid Lightning Creek, South Fork Grouse Creek, Strong Creek, Thor Creek, Trestle Creek, West Branch Pack River, West Gold Creek, Wylie Creek, Zuni Creek.

(xxvi) PRIEST BASIN: Abandon Creek, Athol Creek, Bath Creek, Bear Creek, Bench Creek, Blacktail Creek, Bog Creek, Boulder Creek, Bugle Creek, Canyon Creek, Caribou Creek, Cedar Creek, Chicopee Creek, Deadman Creek, East Fork Trapper Creek, East River, Fedar Creek, Floss Creek, Gold Creek, Granite Creek, Horton Creek, Hughes Fork, Indian Creek, Jackson Creek, Jost Creek, Kalispell Creek, Kent Creek, Keokee Creek, Lime Creek, Lion Creek, Lost Creek, Lucky Creek, Malcom Creek, Middle Fork East River, Muskegon Creek, North Fork Granite Creek, North Fork Indian Creek, Packer Creek, Rock Creek, Ruby Creek, South Fork Granite Creek, South Fork Indian Creek, South Fork Lion Creek, Squaw Creek, Tango Creek, Tarlac Creek, The Thorofare, Trapper Creek, Two Mouth Creek, Uleda Creek, Priest R. (above Priest Lake), Zero Creek.

(xxvii) SOUTH FORK BOISE BASIN: Badger Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Gulch, Big Smoky Creek, Big Water Gulch, Boardman Creek, Burnt Log Creek, Cayuse Creek, Corral Creek, Cow Creek, Edna Creek, Elk Creek, Emma Creek, Feather River, Fern Gulch, Grape Creek, Gunsight Creek, Haypress Creek, Heather Creek, Helen Creek, Johnson Creek, Lincoln Creek, Little Cayuse Creek, Little Rattlesnake Creek, Little Skeleton Creek, Little Smoky Creek, Loggy Creek, Mule Creek, North Fork Ross Fork, Pinto Creek, Rattlesnake Creek, Ross Fork, Russel Gulch, Salt Creek, Shake Creek, Skeleton Creek, Slater Creek, Smokey Dome Canyon, South Fork Ross Fork, Three Forks Creek, Tipton Creek, Vienna Creek, Weeks Gulch, West Fork Big Smoky Creek, West Fork Salt Creek, West Fork Skeleton Creek, Willow Creek.

(xxviii) SOUTH FORK CLEARWATER BASIN: American River, Baker Gulch, Baldy Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Canyon Creek, Big Elk Creek, Blanco Creek, Boundary Creek, Box Sing Creek, Boyer Creek, Cartwright Creek, Cole Creek, Crooked River, Dawson Creek, Deer Creek, Ditch Creek, East Fork American River, East Fork Crooked River, Elk Creek, Fivemile Creek, Flint Creek, Fourmile Creek, Fox Creek, French Gulch, Galena Creek, Gospel Creek, Hagen Creek, Hays Creek, Johns Creek, Jungle Creek, Kirks Fork American River, Little Elk Creek, Little Moose Creek, Little Siegel Creek, Loon Creek, Mackey Creek, Meadow Creek, Melton Creek, Middle Fork Red River, Mill Creek, Monroe Creek, Moores Creek, Moores Lake Creek, Moose Butte Creek, Morgan Creek, Mule Creek, Newsome Creek, Nuggett Creek, Otterson Creek, Pat Brennan Creek, Pilot Creek, Quartz Creek, Queen Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rainbow Gulch, Red River, Relief Creek, Ryan Creek, Sally Ann Creek, Sawmill Creek, Schooner Creek, Schwartz Creek, Sharmon Creek, Siegel Creek, Silver Creek, Sixmile Creek, Sixtysix Creek, Snoose Creek, Sourdough Creek, South Fork Red River, Square Mountain Creek, Swale Creek, Swift Creek, Taylor Creek, Tenmile Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Trout Creek, Twentymile Creek, Twin Lakes Creek, Umatilla Creek, West Fork Big Elk Creek, West Fork Crooked River, West Fork Gospel Creek, West Fork Newsome Creek, West Fork Red River, West Fork Twentymile Creek, Whiskey Creek, Whitaker Creek, Williams Creek.

(xxix) SOUTH FORK PAYETTE BASIN: Archie Creek, Ash Creek, Baron Creek, Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Spruce Creek, Bitter Creek, Blacks Creek, Blue Jay Creek, Burn Creek, Bush Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Casner Creek, Cat Creek, Chapman Creek, Charters Creek, Clear Creek, Coski Creek, Cup Creek, Dead Man Creek, Deadwood River, Deer Creek, East Fork Deadwood Creek, East Fork Warm Springs Creek, Eby Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Emma Creek, Fall Creek, Fence Creek, Fern Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fox Creek, Garney Creek, Gates Creek, Goat Creek, Grandjem Creek, Grouse Creek, Habit Creek, Helende Creek, Horse Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Jackson Creek, Kettle Creek, Kirkham Creek, Lake Creek, Lick Creek, Little Tenmile Creek, Logging Gulch, Long Creek, MacDonald Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek, Miller Creek, Monument Creek, Moulding Creek, Ninemile Creek, No Man Creek, No Name Creek, North Fork Baron Creek, North Fork Canyon Creek, North Fork Deer Creek, North Fork Whitehawk Creek, O'Keefe Creek, Packsaddle Creek, Park Creek, Pass Creek, Pinchot Creek, Pine Creek, Pitchfork Creek, Pole Creek, Richards Creek, Road Fork Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Rough Creek, Scott Creek, Silver Creek, Sixmile Creek, Smith Creek, Smokey Creek, South Fork Beaver Creek, South Fork Canyon Creek, South Fork Clear Creek, South Fork Payette River (above Rock Creek), South Fork Scott Creek, South Fork Warm Spring Creek, Spring Creek, Steep Creek, Stratton Creek, Topnotch Creek, Trail Creek, Wapiti Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Whangdoodle Creek, Whitehawk Creek, Wild Buck Creek, Wills Gulch, Wilson Creek, Wolf Creek.

(xxx) SOUTH FORK SALMON BASIN: Alez Creek, Back Creek, Bear Creek, Bishop Creek, Blackmare Creek, Blue Lake Creek, Buck Creek, Buckhorn Bar Creek, Buckhorn Creek, Burgdorf Creek, Burntlog Creek, Cabin Creek, Calf Creek, Camp Creek, Cane Creek, Caton Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Cliff Creek, Cly Creek, Cougar Creek, Cow Creek, Cox Creek, Curtis Creek, Deep Creek, Dollar Creek, Dutch Creek, East Fork South Fork Salmon River, East Fork Zena Creek, Elk Creek, Enos Creek, Falls Creek, Fernan Creek, Fiddle Creek, Fitsum Creek, Flat Creek, Fourmile Creek, Goat Creek, Grimmet Creek, Grouse Creek, Halfway Creek, Hanson Creek, Hays Creek, Holdover Creek, Hum Creek, Indian Creek, Jeanette Creek, Johnson Creek, Josephine Creek, Jungle Creek, Knee Creek, Krassel Creek, Lake Creek, Landmark Creek, Lick Creek, Little Buckhorn Creek, Little Indian Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Loon Creek, Maverick Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Fork Elk Creek, Missouri Creek, Moose Creek, Mormon Creek, Nasty Creek, Nethker Creek, Nick Creek, No Mans Creek, North Fork Bear Creek, North Fork Buckhorn Creek, North Fork Camp Creek, North Fork Dollar Creek, North Fork Fitsum Creek, North Fork Lake Fork, North Fork Lick Creek, North Fork Riordan Creek, North Fork Six-bit Creek, Oompaul Creek, Paradise Creek, Park Creek, Peanut Creek, Pepper Creek, Phoebe Creek, Piah Creek, Pid Creek, Pilot Creek, Pony Creek, Porcupine Creek, Porphyry Creek, Prince Creek, Profile Creek, Quartz Creek, Reeves Creek, Rice Creek, Riordan Creek, Roaring Creek, Ruby Creek, Rustican Creek, Ryan Creek, Salt Creek, Sand Creek, Secesh River, Sheep Creek, Silver Creek, Sister Creek, Six-Bit Creek, South Fork Bear Creek, South Fork Blackmare Creek, South Fork Buckhorn Creek, South Fork Cougar Creek, South Fork Elk Creek, South Fork Fitsum Creek, South Fork Fourmile Creek, South Fork Salmon River, South Fork Threemile Creek, Split Creek, Steep Creek, Sugar Creek, Summit Creek, Tamarack Creek, Teepee Creek, Threemile Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Trout Creek, Tsum Creek, Two-bit Creek, Tyndall Creek, Vein Creek, Victor Creek, Wardenhoff Creek, Warm Lake Creek, Warm Spring Creek, West Fork Buckhorn Creek, West Fork Elk Creek, West Fork Enos Creek, West Fork Zena Creek, Whangdoodle Creek, Willow Basket Creek, Willow Creek, Zena Creek.

(xxxi) ST. JOE R. BASIN: Bad Bear Creek, Bean Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Bedrock Creek, Berge Creek, Bird Creek, Blue Grouse Creek, Boulder Creek, Broadaxe Creek, Bruin Creek, California Creek, Cherry Creek, Clear Creek, Color Creek, Copper Creek, Dolly Creek, Dump Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Bluff Creek, East Fork Gold Creek, Emerald Creek, Fishhook Creek, Float Creek, Fly Creek, Fuzzy Creek, Gold Creek, Heller Creek, Indian Creek, Kelley Creek, Malin Creek, Marble Creek, Medicine Creek, Mica Creek, Mill Creek, Mosquito Creek, North Fork Bean Creek, North Fork Saint Joe River, North Fork Simmons Creek, Nugget Creek, Packsaddle Creek, Periwinkle Creek, Prospector Creek, Quartz Creek, Red Cross Creek, Red Ives Creek, Ruby Creek, Saint Joe River (above Siwash Creek), Setzer Creek, Sherlock Creek, Simmons Creek, Siwash Creek, Skookum Creek, Thomas Creek, Thorn Creek, Three Lakes Creek, Timber Creek, Tinear Creek, Trout Creek, Tumbledown Creek, Wahoo Creek, Washout Creek, Wilson Creek, Yankee Bar Creek.

(xxxii) UPPER COEUR D'ALENE BASIN: Brown Creek, Falls Creek, Graham Creek.

(xxxiii) UPPER KOOTENAI BASIN: Halverson Cr, North Callahan Creek, South Callahan Creek, West Fork Keeler Creek

(xxxiv) UPPER MIDDLE FORK SALMON BASIN: Asher Creek, Automatic Creek, Ayers Creek, Baldwin Creek, Banner Creek, Bear Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Bearskin Creek, Beaver Creek, Bernard Creek, Big Chief Creek, Big Cottonwood Creek, Birch Creek, Blue Lake Creek, Blue Moon Creek, Boundary Creek, Bridge Creek, Browning Creek, Buck Creek, Burn Creek, Cabin Creek, Cache Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Cap Creek, Cape Horn Creek, Casner Creek, Castle Fork, Casto Creek, Cat Creek, Chokebore Creek, Chuck Creek, Cliff Creek, Cold Creek, Collie Creek, Colt Creek, Cook Creek, Corley Creek, Cornish Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cougar Creek, Crystal Creek, Cub Creek, Cultus Creek, Dagger Creek, Deer Creek, Deer Horn Creek, Doe Creek, Dry Creek, Duffield Creek, Dynamite Creek, Eagle Creek, East Fork Elk Creek, East Fork Indian Creek, East Fork Mayfield Creek, Elk Creek, Elkhorn Creek, Endoah Creek, Fall Creek, Fawn Creek, Feltham Creek, Fir Creek, Flat Creek, Float Creek, Foresight Creek, Forty-five Creek, Forty-four Creek, Fox Creek, Full Moon Creek, Fuse Creek, Grays Creek, Grenade Creek, Grouse Creek, Gun Creek, Half Moon Creek, Hogback Creek, Honeymoon Creek, Hot Creek, Ibex Creek, Indian Creek, Jose Creek, Kelly Creek, Kerr Creek, Knapp Creek, Kwiskwis Creek, Lime Creek, Lincoln Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, Little East Fork Elk Creek, Little Indian Creek, Little Loon Creek, Little Pistol Creek, Lola Creek, Loon Creek, Lucinda Creek, Lucky Creek, Luger Creek, Mace Creek, Mack Creek, Marble Creek, Marlin Creek, Marsh Creek, Mayfield Creek, McHoney Creek, McKee Creek, Merino Creek, Middle Fork Elkhorn Creek, Middle Fork Indian Creek, Middle Fork Salmon River (above Soldier Creek), Mine Creek, Mink Creek, Moonshine Creek, Mowitch Creek, Muskeg Creek, Mystery Creek, Nelson Creek, New Creek, No Name Creek, North Fork Elk Creek, North Fork Elkhorn Creek, North Fork Sheep Creek, North Fork Sulphur Creek, Papoose Creek, Parker Creek, Patrol Creek, Phillips Creek, Pierson Creek, Pinyon Creek, Pioneer Creek, Pistol Creek, Placer Creek, Poker Creek, Pole Creek, Popgun Creek, Porter Creek, Prospect Creek, Rabbit Creek, Rams Horn Creek, Range Creek, Rapid River, Rat Creek, Remington Creek, Rock Creek, Rush Creek, Sack Creek, Safety Creek, Salt Creek, Savage Creek, Scratch Creek, Seafoam Creek, Shady Creek, Shake Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Trail Creek, Shell Creek, Shrapnel Creek, Siah Creek, Silver Creek, Slide Creek, Snowshoe Creek, Soldier Creek, South Fork Cottonwood Creek, South Fork Sheep Creek, Spike Creek, Springfield Creek, Squaw Creek, Sulphur Creek, Sunnyside Creek, Swamp Creek, Tennessee Creek, Thatcher Creek, Thicket Creek, Thirty-two Creek, Tomahawk Creek, Trail Creek, Trapper Creek, Trigger Creek, Twenty-two Creek, Vader Creek, Vanity Creek, Velvet Creek, Walker Creek, Wampum Creek, Warm Spring Creek, West Fork Elk Creek, West Fork Little Loon Creek, West Fork Mayfield Creek, White Creek, Wickiup Creek, Winchester Creek, Winnemucca Creek, Wyoming Creek.

(xxxv) UPPER NORTH FORK CLEARWATER BASIN: Adams Creek, Avalanche Creek, Bacon Creek, Ball Creek, Barn Creek, Barnard Creek, Barren Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Bedrock Creek, Bill Creek, Bostonian Creek, Boundary Creek, Burn Creek, Butter Creek, Camp George Creek, Canyon Creek, Cayuse Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Clayton Creek, Cliff Creek, Coffee Creek, Cold Springs Creek, Collins Creek, Colt Creek, Cool Creek, Copper Creek, Corral Creek, Cougar Creek, Craig Creek, Crater Creek, Cub Creek, Davis Creek, Deadwood Creek, Deer Creek, Dill Creek, Drift Creek, Elizabeth Creek, Fall Creek, Fire Creek, Fix Creek, Flame Creek, Fly Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fro Creek, Frog Creek, Frost Creek, Gilfillian Creek, Goose Creek, Grass Creek, Gravey Creek, Grizzly Creek, Hanson Creek, Heather Creek, Henry Creek, Hidden Creek, Howard Creek, Independence Creek, Jam Creek, Japanese Creek, Johnagan Creek, Johnny Creek, Junction Creek, Kelly Creek, Kid Lake Creek, Kodiak Creek, Lake Creek, Laundry Creek, Lightning Creek, Little Moose Creek, Little Weitas Creek, Liz Creek, Long Creek, Marten Creek, Meadow Creek, Middle Creek, Middle North Fork Kelly Creek, Mill Creek, Mire Creek, Monroe Creek, Moose Creek, Negro Creek, Nettle Creek, Niagra Gulch, North Fork Clearwater River (Fourth of July Creek), Nub Creek, Osier Creek, Perry Creek, Pete Ott Creek, Placer Creek, Polar Creek, Post Creek, Potato Creek, Quartz Creek, Rapid Creek, Rawhide Creek, Roaring Creek, Rock Creek, Rocky Ridge Creek, Ruby Creek, Saddle Creek, Salix Creek, Scurry Creek, Seat Creek, Short Creek, Shot Creek, Siam Creek, Silver Creek, Skull Creek, Slide Creek, Smith Creek, Snow Creek, South Fork Kelly Creek, Spud Creek, Spy Creek, Stolen Creek, Stove Creek, Sugar Creek, Swamp Creek, Tinear Creek, Tinkle Creek, Toboggan Creek, Trail Creek, Vanderbilt Gulch, Wall Creek, Weitas Creek, Williams Creek, Windy Creek, Wolf Creek, Young Creek.

(xxxvi) UPPER SALMON BASIN: Alder Creek, Alpine Creek, Alta Creek, Alturas Lake Creek, Anderson Creek, Aspen Creek, Basin Creek, Bayhorse Creek, Bear Creek, Beaver Creek, Big Boulder Creek, Block Creek, Blowfly Creek, Blue Creek, Boundary Creek, Bowery Creek, Broken Ridge Creek, Bruno Creek, Buckskin Creek, Cabin Creek, Camp Creek, Cash Creek, Challis Creek, Chamberlain Creek, Champion Creek, Cherry Creek, Cinnabar Creek, Cleveland Creek, Coal Creek, Crooked Creek, Darling Creek, Deadwood Creek, Decker Creek, Deer Creek, Dry Creek, Duffy Creek, East Basin Creek, East Fork Salmon River, East Fork Valley Creek, East Pass Creek, Eddy Creek, Eightmile Creek, Elevenmile Creek, Elk Creek, Ellis Creek, Estes Creek, First Creek, Fisher Creek, Fishhook Creek, Fivemile Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Frenchman Creek, Garden Creek, Germania Creek, Goat Creek, Gold Creek, Gooseberry Creek, Greylock Creek, Hay Creek, Hell Roaring Creek, Herd Creek, Huckleberry Creek, Iron Creek, Job Creek, Jordan Creek, Juliette Creek, Kelly Creek, Kinnikinic Creek, Lick Creek, Lightning Creek, Little Basin Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Boulder Creek, Little West Fork Morgan Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Lost Creek, MacRae Creek, Martin Creek, McKay Creek, Meadow Creek, Mill Creek, Morgan Creek, Muley Creek, Ninemile Creek, Noho Creek, Pack Creek, Park Creek, Pat Hughes Creek, Pig Creek, Pole Creek, Pork Creek, Prospect Creek, Rainbow Creek, Redfish Lake Creek, Road Creek, Rough Creek, Sage Creek, Sagebrush Creek, Salmon River (Redfish Lake Creek), Sawmill Creek, Second Creek, Sevenmile Creek, Sheep Creek, Short Creek, Sixmile Creek, Slate Creek, Smiley Creek, South Fork East Fork Salmon River, Squaw Creek, Stanley Creek, Stephens Creek, Summit Creek, Sunday Creek, Swimm Creek, Taylor Creek, Tenmile Creek, Tennel Creek, Thompson Creek, Three Cabins Creek, Trail Creek, Trap Creek, Trealor Creek, Twelvemile Creek, Twin Creek, Valley Creek, Van Horn Creek, Vat Creek, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Washington Creek, West Beaver Creek, West Fork Creek, West Fork East Fork Salmon River, West Fork Herd Creek, West Fork Morgan Creek, West Fork Yankee Fork, West Pass Creek, Wickiup Creek, Williams Creek, Willow Creek, Yankee Fork.

(xxxvii) UPPER SELWAY BASIN: Basin Creek, Bear Creek, Burn Creek, Camp Creek, Canyon Creek, Cliff Creek, Comb Creek, Cooper Creek, Cub Creek, Deep Creek, Eagle Creek, Elk Creek, Fall Creek, Fox Creek, Goat Creek, Gold Pan Creek, Granite Creek, Grass Gulch, Haystack Creek, Hells Half Acre Creek, Indian Creek, Kim Creek, Lake Creek, Langdon Gulch, Little Clearwater River, Lodge Creek, Lunch Creek, Mist Creek, Paloma Creek, Paradise Creek, Peach Creek, Pettibone Creek, Running Creek, Saddle Gulch, Schofield Creek, Selway River (above Pettibone Creek), South Fork Running Creek, South Fork Saddle Gulch, South Fork Surprise Creek, Spruce Creek, Squaw Creek, Stripe Creek, Surprise Creek, Set Creek, Tepee Creek, Thirteen Creek, Three Lakes Creek, Triple Creek, Wahoo Creek, White Cap Creek, Wilkerson Creek, Witter Creek.

(xxxviii) WEISER BASIN: Anderson Creek, Bull Corral Creek, Dewey Creek, East Fork Weiser River, Little Weiser River, above Anderson Creek, Sheep Creek, Wolf Creek.

(3) Procedures for site specific modification of listed waterbodies or temperature criteria for bull trout.

(i) The Regional Administrator may, in his discretion, determine that the temperature criteria in paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall not apply to a specific waterbody or portion thereof listed in paragraph (a)(2) of this section. Any such determination shall be made consistent with § 131.11 and shall be based on a finding that bull trout spawning and rearing is not an existing use in such waterbody or portion thereof.

(ii) The Regional Administrator may, in his discretion, raise the temperature criteria in paragraph (a)(1) of this section as they pertain to a specific waterbody or portion thereof listed in paragraph (a)(2) of this section. Any such determination shall be made consistent with § 131.11, and shall be based on a finding that bull trout would be fully supported at the higher temperature criteria.

(iii) For any determination made under paragraphs (a)(3)(i) or (a)(3)(ii) of this section, the Regional Administrator shall, prior to making such a determination, provide for public notice of and comment on a proposed determination. For any such proposed determination, the Regional Administrator shall prepare and make available to the public a technical support document addressing each waterbody or portion thereof that would be deleted or modified and the justification for each proposed determination. This document shall be made available to the public not later than the date of public notice.

(iv) The Regional Administrator shall maintain and make available to the public an updated list of determinations made pursuant to paragraphs (a)(3)(i) and (a)(3)(ii) of this section as well as the technical support documents for each determination.

(v) Nothing in this paragraph (a)(3) shall limit the Administrator's authority to modify the temperature criteria in paragraph (a)(1) of this section or the list of waterbodies in paragraph (a)(2) of this section through rulemaking.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Excluded waters. Lakes, ponds, pools, streams, and springs outside public lands but located wholly and entirely upon a person's land are not protected specifically or generally for any beneficial use, unless such waters are designated in Idaho through 160., or, although not so designated, are waters of the United States as defined at 40 CFR 122.2.

[62 FR 41183, July 31, 1997, as amended at 67 FR 11248, Mar. 13, 2002; 73 FR 65739, Nov. 5, 2008]