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§ 141.31 - Reporting requirements.

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(a) Except where a shorter period is specified in this part, the supplier of water shall report to the State the results of any test measurement or analysis required by this part within (1) The first ten days following the month in which the result is received, or (2) the first ten days following the end of the required monitoring period as stipulated by the State, whichever of these is shortest.

(b) Except where a different reporting period is specified in this part, the supplier of water must report to the State within 48 hours the failure to comply with any national primary drinking water regulation (including failure to comply with monitoring requirements) set forth in this part.

(c) The supplier of water is not required to report analytical results to the State in cases where a State laboratory performs the analysis and reports the results to the State office which would normally receive such notification from the supplier.

(d) The public water system, within 10 days of completing the public notification requirements under subpart Q of this part for the initial public notice and any repeat notices, must submit to the primacy agency a certification that it has fully complied with the public notification regulations. The public water system must include with this certification a representative copy of each type of notice distributed, published, posted, and made available to the persons served by the system and to the media.

(e) The water supply system shall submit to the State within the time stated in the request copies of any records required to be maintained under § 141.33 hereof or copies of any documents then in existence which the State or the Administrator is entitled to inspect pursuant to the authority of section 1445 of the Safe Drinking Water Act or the equivalent provisions of State law.

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