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§ 141.42 - Special monitoring for corrosivity characteristics.

(a)-(c) [Reserved]

(d) Community water supply systems shall identify whether the following construction materials are present in their distribution system and report to the State:

Lead from piping, solder, caulking, interior lining of distribution mains, alloys and home plumbing. Copper from piping and alloys, service lines, and home plumbing. Galvanized piping, service lines, and home plumbing. Ferrous piping materials such as cast iron and steel. Asbestos cement pipe. In addition, States may require identification and reporting of other materials of construction present in distribution systems that may contribute contaminants to the drinking water, such as: Vinyl lined asbestos cement pipe. Coal tar lined pipes and tanks. [45 FR 57346, Aug. 27, 1980; 47 FR 10999, Mar. 12, 1982, as amended at 59 FR 62470, Dec. 5, 1994]