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§ 141.722 - Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) Systems must keep results from the initial round of source water monitoring under § 141.701(a) and the second round of source water monitoring under § 141.701(b) until 3 years after bin classification under § 141.710 for filtered systems or determination of the mean Cryptosporidium level under § 141.710 for unfiltered systems for the particular round of monitoring.

(b) Systems must keep any notification to the State that they will not conduct source water monitoring due to meeting the criteria of § 141.701(d) for 3 years.

(c) Systems must keep the results of treatment monitoring associated with microbial toolbox options under §§ 141.716 through 141.720 and with uncovered finished water reservoirs under § 141.714, as applicable, for 3 years.