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§ 420.302 - Requirement for access clause in contracts.

(a) Applicability. This subpart applies to contracts -

(1) Between a provider and a subcontractor and, where subject to section 1861(v)(l)(I)(ii) of the Act, between a subcontractor and an organization related to the subcontractor;

(2) Entered into or renewed after December 5, 1980; and

(3) For services the cost or value of which is $10,000 or more over a 12-month period, including contracts for both goods and services in which the service component is worth $10,000 or more over a 12-month period.

(b) Requirement. Any contract meeting the conditions of paragraph (a) of this section must include a clause that allows the Comptroller General of the United States, HHS, and their duly authorized representatives access to the subcontractor's contract, books, documents, and records until the expiration of four years after the services are furnished under the contract or subcontract. The access must be provided for in accordance with the provisions of this subpart. The clause must also allow similar access by HHS, the Comptroller General, and their duly authorized representatives to contracts subject to section 1861(v)(l)(I)(ii) of the Act between a subcontractor and organizations related to the subcontractor and to books, documents, and records.

(c) Prohibition against Medicare reimbursement. If a contract subject to the requirements of this subpart does not contain the clause required by paragraph (b) of this section, CMS will not reimburse the provider for the cost of the services furnished under the contract and will recoup any payments previously made for services under the contract. However, in order to avoid nonreimbursement or recoupment, providers will have until July 30, 1983, to amend those contracts entered into or renewed after December 5, 1980, and before January 31, 1983, that do not conform to the requirements of paragraph (b) of this section.

[47 FR 58267, Dec. 30, 1982, as amended at 49 FR 13703, Apr. 6, 1984]