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§ 424.84 - Final determination on revocation of right to receive assigned benefits.

(a) Basis of final determination - (1) Final determination without a hearing. If the supplier or other party does not request a hearing, CMS's revocation determination becomes final at the end of the period specified in the notice of revocation.

(2) Final determination following a hearing. If there is a hearing, the hearing decision constitutes CMS's final determination.

(b) Notice of final determination. CMS sends the supplier or other party a written notice of the final determination and, if there was a hearing, includes a copy of the hearing decision.

(c) Application of the final determination - (1) A final determination not to revoke is the final administrative decision by CMS on the matter.

(2) A final determination to revoke remains in effect until CMS finds that the reason for the revocation has been removed and that there is reasonable assurance that it will not recur.

(d) Effect of revocation when supplier or other party has a financial interest in another entity. Revocation of the party's right to accept assignment also applies to any corporation, partnership, or other entity in which the party, directly or indirectly, has or acquires all or all but a nominal part of the financial interest.

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