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§ 424.104 - Election to claim payment for emergency services furnished during a calendar year.

(a) Terms of the election. The hospital agrees to the following:

(1) To comply with the provisions of subpart C of part 489 of this chapter relating to charges for items and services the hospital may make to the beneficiary, or any other person on his or her behalf.

(2) To comply with the provisions of subpart D of part 489 of this chapter relating to proper disposition of monies incorrectly collected from, or on behalf of a beneficiary.

(3) To request payment under the Medicare program based on amounts specified in § 413.74 of this chapter.

(b) Filing of election statement. An election statement must be filed on a form designated by CMS, signed by an authorized official of the hospital, and either received by CMS, or postmarked, before the close of the calendar year of election.

(c) Acceptance and effective date of election. If CMS accepts the election statement, the election is effective as of the earliest day of the calendar year of election from which CMS determines the hospital has been in continuous compliance with the requirements of section 1814(d) of the Act.

(d) Appeal by hospital. Any hospital dissatisfied with a determination that it does not qualify to claim reimbursement shall be entitled to appeal the determination as provided in part 498 of this chapter.

(e) Conditions for reinstatement after notice of failure to continue to qualify. If CMS has notified a hospital that it no longer qualifies to receive reimbursement for a calendar year, CMS will not accept another election statement from that hospital until CMS finds that -

(1) The reason for its failure to qualify has been removed; and

(2) There is reasonable assurance that it will not recur.