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§ 480.111 - QIO access to records and information of institutions and practitioners.

(a) A QIO is authorized to have access to and obtain records and information pertinent to the health care services furnished to Medicare patients, held by any institution or practitioner in the QIO area. The QIO may require the institution or practitioner to provide copies of such records or information to the QIO.

(b) A QIO may obtain non-Medicare patient records relating to review performed under a non-Medicare QIO contract if authorized by those patients in accordance with State law.

(c) In accordance with its quality review responsibilities under the Act, a QIO may have access to and obtain information from, the records of non-Medicare patients if authorized by the institution or practitioner.

(d)(1) When submitting patient records to the QIO under this section, the institution or practitioner must do so consistent with the requirements in § 476.78(c) and (d) of this chapter.

(2) Reimbursement to an institution or practitioner for the cost of providing patient records is paid in accordance with § 476.78(e) of this chapter.

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