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§ 480.134 - Verification and amendment of QIO information.

(a) A QIO must verify the accuracy of its information concerning patients, practitioners, reviewers, and institutions and must permit the individual or institution to request an amendment of pertinent information that is in the possession of the QIO.

(b) If the QIO agrees with the request for amendment, the QIO must correct the information in its possession. If the information being amended has already been disclosed, the QIO must forward the amended information to the requester where it may affect decisions about a particular provider, practitioner or case under review.

(c) If the QIO disagrees with the request for amendment, a notation of the request, reasons for the request, and the reasons for refusal must be included with the information and attached to any disclosure of the information.

[50 FR 15358, Apr. 17, 1985; 50 FR 41887, Oct. 16, 1985. Redesignated at 64 FR 66279, Nov. 24, 1999]