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§ 410.1 - Basis and scope.

(a) Statutory basis. This part is based on the indicated provisions of the following sections of the Act:

(1) Section 1832—Scope of benefits furnished under the Medicare Part B supplementary medical insurance (SMI) program.

(2) Section 1833 through 1835 and 1862—Amounts of payment for SMI services, the conditions for payment, and the exclusions from coverage.

(3) Section 1861(qq)—Definition of the kinds of services that may be covered.

(4) Section 1865(b)—Permission for CMS to approve and recognize a national accreditation organization for the purpose of deeming entities accredited by the organization to meet program requirements.

(5) Section 1881—Medicare coverage for end-stage renal disease beneficiaries.

(6) Section 1842(o)—Payment for drugs and biologicals not paid on a cost or prospective payment basis.

(b) Scope of part. This part sets forth the benefits available under Medicare Part B, the conditions for payment and the limitations on services, the percentage of incurred expenses that Medicare Part B pays, and the deductible and copayment amounts for which the beneficiary is responsible. (Exclusions applicable to these services are set forth in subpart C of part 405 of this chapter. General conditions for Medicare payment are set forth in part 424 of this chapter.)

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