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§ 410.146 - Diabetes outcome measurements.

(a) Information collection. An approved entity must collect and record in an organized systematic manner the following patient assessment information at least on a quarterly basis for a beneficiary who receives training under § 410.141:

(1) Medical information that includes the following:

(i) Duration of the diabetic condition.

(ii) Use of insulin or oral agents.

(iii) Height and weight by date.

(iv) Results and date of last lipid test.

(v) Results and date of last HbA1C.

(vi) Information on self-monitoring (frequency and results).

(vii) Blood pressure with the corresponding dates.

(viii) Date of the last eye exam.

(2) Other information that includes the following:

(i) Educational goals.

(ii) Assessment of educational needs.

(iii) Training goals.

(iv) Plan for a follow-up assessment of achievement of training goals between 6 months and 1 year after the beneficiary completes the training.

(v) Documentation of the training goals assessment.

(b) Follow-up assessment information. An approved entity may obtain information from the beneficiary's survey, primary care physician contact, and follow-up visits.