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§ 410.170 - Payment for home health services, for medical and other health services furnished by a provider or an approved ESRD facility, and for comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility (CORF) services: Conditions.

Payment under Medicare Part B, for home health services, for medical and other health services, or for CORF services, may be made to the provider or facility only if the following conditions are met:

(a) Request for payment. A written request for payment is filed by or on behalf of the individual to whom the services were furnished.

(b) Physician or allowed practitioner certification. For home health services, a physician or allowed practitioner provides certification and recertification in accordance with § 424.22 of this chapter.

(c) In the case of home dialysis support services described in § 410.52, the services are furnished in accordance with a written plan prepared and periodically reviewed by a team that includes the patient's physician and other professionals familiar with the patient's condition as required by § 494.90 of this chapter.

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