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§ 124.512 - Enforcement.

(a) If the Secretary finds, based on his/her investigation under § 124.511, that a facility did not comply with the requirements of this subpart, the Secretary may take any action authorized by law to secure compliance, including but not limited to, voluntary agreement or a request to the Attorney General to bring an action against the facility for specific performance.

(b) A facility, including a facility certified under § 124.513, § 124.514, § 124.516, or § 124.517, that has denied uncompensated services to any person because it failed to comply with the requirements of this subpart will not be in compliance with its assurance until it takes whatever steps are necessary to remedy fully the noncompliance, including:

(1) Provision of uncompensated services to applicants improperly denied;

(2) Repayment of amounts improperly collected from persons eligible to receive uncompensated services; and

(3) Other corrective actions prescribed by the Secretary.

(c) The Secretary may disallow all of the uncompensated services claimed in a fiscal year where the Secretary finds that the facility was in substantial noncompliance with its assurance because it failed to:

(1) Have a system for providing notice to eligible persons as required by § 124.504(c), § 124.513(b)(2), § 124.514(b)(2), § 124.516 (b)(2)(ii)(A), or § 124.517(b)(2), as applicable;

(2) Comply with the applicable reporting requirements of § 124.509;

(3) Have a system for maintaining records of uncompensated services provided in accordance with § 124.510; or

(4) Take corrective action prescribed pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section.

(d) In the absence of a finding of substantial compliance or substantial noncompliance in a fiscal year, the Secretary may disallow uncompensated services claimed by a facility in that fiscal year to the extent that the Secretary finds that such services are not documented as uncompensated services under § 124.510 or are subject to disallowance under § 124.513(d) or § 124.514(d), as applicable.

[52 FR 46031, Dec. 3, 1987, as amended at 59 FR 44639, Aug. 30, 1994; 66 FR 49266, Sept. 26, 2001]