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§ 124.518 - Agreements with State agencies.

(a) Where the Secretary finds that it will promote the purposes of this subpart and the State agency is able and willing to do so, the Secretary may enter into an agreement with an agency of a State to assist in administering this subpart in the State. An agreement may be terminated by the Secretary or the State agency on 60 days notice.

(b) Under an agreement the State agency will provide any assistance the Secretary requests in any one or more of the following areas, as set out in the agreement:

(1) Investigation of complaints regarding noncompliance;

(2) Monitoring compliance of facilities with the requirements of this subpart;

(3) Review of reports submitted under § 124.509, including affirmative action plans;

(4) Making initial decisions for the Secretary with respect to compliance, subject to appeal by any party to the Secretary, or review by the Secretary on the Secretary's initiative; and

(5) Application of any sanctions available to it under State law (such as license revocation or termination of State assistance) against facilities determined to be out of compliance with the requirements of this subpart.

(c) Nothing in this subpart precludes any State from taking any action authorized by State law regarding the provision of uncompensated services by facilities in the State as long as the action taken does not prevent the Secretary from enforcing the requirements of this subpart.

[52 FR 46031, Dec. 3, 1987. Redesignated at 59 FR 44639, Aug. 30, 1994]