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§ 31.10 - Dependent members of families; use of Service facilities.

(a) A dependent member of the family of any person specified in § 31.9 shall, upon presentation of satisfactory evidence of such status, be entitled to medical advice and out-patient treatment at first-, second-, and third-class medical relief stations and hospitalization at first-class stations if suitable accommodations are available therein and if the condition of the dependent is such as to require hospitalization, both as determined by the medical officer in charge.

(b) Hospitalization at first-class stations shall be at a per diem cost to the officer, enlisted person, member of a crew or other person concerned. Such cost shall be at such uniform rate as may be prescribed from time to time by the President for the hospitalization of dependents of naval and Marine Corps personnel at any naval hospital.

(c) Hospitalization at first-class stations and out-patient treatment at first-, second-, and third-class stations may include such services and supplies as, in the judgment of the medical officer in charge, are necessary for reasonable and adequate treatment.

(d) Dental treatment shall be furnished to the extent of available facilities only at medical relief stations where full-time officers are on duty.

(Sec. 326, 58 Stat. 697, as amended; 42 U.S.C. 253)