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§ 3.408 - Factors considered in determining the amount of a civil money penalty.

In determining the amount of any civil money penalty, the Secretary may consider as aggravating or mitigating factors, as appropriate, any of the following:

(a) The nature of the violation.

(b) The circumstances, including the consequences, of the violation, including:

(1) The time period during which the violation(s) occurred; and

(2) Whether the violation caused physical or financial harm or reputational damage;

(c) The degree of culpability of the respondent, including:

(1) Whether the violation was intentional; and

(2) Whether the violation was beyond the direct control of the respondent.

(d) Any history of prior compliance with the Patient Safety Act, including violations, by the respondent, including:

(1) Whether the current violation is the same or similar to prior violation(s);

(2) Whether and to what extent the respondent has attempted to correct previous violations;

(3) How the respondent has responded to technical assistance from the Secretary provided in the context of a compliance effort; and

(4) How the respondent has responded to prior complaints.

(e) The financial condition of the respondent, including:

(1) Whether the respondent had financial difficulties that affected its ability to comply;

(2) Whether the imposition of a civil money penalty would jeopardize the ability of the respondent to continue to provide health care or patient safety activities; and

(3) The size of the respondent.

(f) Such other matters as justice may require.