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§ 4.4 - Use of Library facilities.

(a) General. The Library facilities are available to any person seeking to make use of the collections. The Director may prescribe reasonable rules to assure the most effective use of facilities by health-sciences professionals and to protect the collections from misuse or damage. These rules must be consistent with the regulations in this part and applicable Department regulations and policies on nondiscrimination.

(b) Reading rooms. Public reading rooms are available for obtaining and reading materials from the collections. The Director may prescribe reasonable rules designed to provide adequate reading space and orderly conditions and procedures.

(c) Study rooms. Upon request a limited number of study rooms may be made available to individuals requiring extensive use of Library materials. Requests for study rooms shall be addressed in writing to the Director. The Director shall give priority, in the following order, for study room use to:

(1) Persons engaged in “special scientific projects” under section 473 of the Act (42 U.S.C. 286b-4),

(2) Health-sciences professionals, and

(3) The general public.