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§ 50.404 - What disputes are covered by these procedures?

(a) These procedures are applicable to the following adverse determinations under discretionary project grants and cooperative agreements (both referred to in this subpart as grants) issued by the agencies identified at § 50.402;

(1) Termination, in whole or in part, of a grant for failure of the grantee to carry out its approved project in accordance with the applicable law and the terms and conditions of such assistance or for failure of the grantee otherwise to comply with any law, regulation, assurance, term, or condition applicable to the grant.

(2) A determination that an expenditure not allowable under the grant has been charged to the grant or that the grantee has otherwise failed to discharge its obligation to account for grant funds.

(3) A determination that a grant is void.

(4) A denial of a noncompeting continuation award under the project period system of funding where the denial is for failure to comply with the terms of a previous award.

(b) A determination subject to this subpart may not be reviewed by the review committee described in § 50.405 unless an officer or employee of the agency has notified the grantee in writing of the adverse determination. The notification must set forth the reasons for the determination in sufficient detail to enable the grantee to respond and must inform the grantee of the opportunity for review under this subpart.

[54 FR 34770, Aug. 22, 1989, as amended at 63 FR 66062, Dec. 1, 1998]