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§ 52.7 - Use of funds; changes.

(a) Delegation of fiscal responsibility. The grantee may not in whole or in part delegate or transfer to another person responsibility for the use or expenditure of grant funds.

(b) Changes in project. The permissible changes by the principal investigator in the approved project shall be limited to changes in methodology, approach or other aspects of the project to expedite achievement of the project's research objectives, including changes that grow out of the approved project and serve the best scientific strategy. If the grantee and the principal investigator are uncertain whether a change complies with this provision, the question must be referred to the Secretary for a final determination.

(c) Changes in project period. The project period determined pursuant to § 52.5(b) may be extended by the Secretary, with or without additional grant support, for such an additional period as the Secretary determines may be required to complete, or fulfill the purposes of, the approved project.

[45 FR 12240, Feb. 25, 1980]