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§ 52b.10 - What are the terms and conditions of awards?

In addition to any other requirement imposed by law or determined by the Director to be reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes of the grant, each construction grant shall be subject to the terms and conditions and the grantee assurances required by this section, supported by such documentation as the Director may reasonably require. The Director may, by general policy or for good cause shown by an applicant, approve exceptions to these terms and conditions or assurances where the Director finds that the exceptions are consistent with the applicable provisions of the Act and the purposes of the particular program:

(a) Title. The applicant must have a fee simple or other estate or interest in the site, including necessary easements and rights-of-way, sufficient to assure for the estimated useful life of the facility, as determined by the Director, undisturbed use and possession for the purpose of the construction and operation of the facility.

(b) Plans and specifications. Approval by the Director of the final working drawings, specifications, and cost estimates must be obtained before the project is advertised or placed on the market for bidding. The approval must include a determination by the Director that the final plans and specifications conform to the minimum standards of construction and equipment as set forth in § 52b.12.

(c) Relocation assistance. An applicant with an approved project which involves the displacement of persons or businesses shall comply with the provisions of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (42 U.S.C. 4601 et seq.) and the applicable regulations issued under that Act (45 CFR part 15; 49 CFR part 24).

(d) Approval of changes in estimated cost. Unless approved by the Director, the applicant shall not enter into any construction contracts for the project or a part of the project, the cost of which exceeds the estimated cost approved in the terms of an award for that portion of the work covered by the plans and specifications. Exceptions shall be requested in the form and manner as the Director may prescribe.

(e) Completion responsibility. The applicant must construct the project, or cause it to be constructed, to final completion in accordance with the grant application, the terms and conditions of the award, and the approved plans and specifications.

(f) Construction schedule inspection. Prior to the start of construction, the grantee shall submit an approved copy of the construction schedule (critical path method) to the Director in the form and manner as the Director may prescribe.

(g) Construction management. The applicant must provide and maintain competent and adequate construction management services for inspection at the construction site to ensure that the completed work conforms with the approved plans and specifications. Construction management services shall include daily construction logs and monthly status reports which shall be maintained at the job site and shall be submitted to the Director at the times and in the form and manner as the Director may prescribe.

(h) Nonfederal share. Sufficient funds must be available to meet the nonfederal share of the costs of constructing the facility.

(i) Funds for operation. Sufficient funds must be available when construction is completed for effective use of the facility for the purposes for which it is being constructed.

(j) Inspection. The Director and the Director's representatives shall have access at all reasonable times to all work areas and documents during any stage of construction and the contractor shall provide proper facilities for this access and inspection.

(k) Accessibility to handicapped persons. The facility must be designed to comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (41 CFR part 101-19, subpart 101-19.6, Appendix A), as modified by other standards prescribed by the Director or the Administrator of General Services. The applicant shall conduct inspections to ensure compliance with these specifications by the contractor.

(l) Notice of Federal Interest. The grantee shall record a Notice of Federal Interest in the appropriate official land records of the jurisdiction in which the property is located.

(m) Title insurance. The grantee shall purchase a title insurance policy unless a legal opinion has been provided which certifies that the grantee institution has fee simple title to the site free and clear of all liens, easements, rights-of-way, and any other adverse interests which would encumber the project. The Director may waive this requirement upon a request from the grantee adequately documenting self-insurance against the risks involved and containing such other information as the Director may prescribe.

(n) Physical destruction insurance. At the time construction is completed or at the time of beneficial occupancy, whichever comes first, the grantee shall purchase an insurance policy which insures the facility for the full appraised value of the property using state certified appraisers. The insurance policy must protect the property from total and partial physical destruction. The insurance policy must be maintained throughout the period of federal interest. The Director may waive this requirement upon a written request from the grantee adequately documenting self-insurance against the risks involved and containing such other information as the Director may prescribe.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under Control Number 0925-0424; expires November 30, 2001)