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§ 52b.5 - How will NIH evaluate applications?

(a) In evaluating and approving applications for construction grants under this part, the Director shall take into account, among other pertinent factors, the following:

(1) The priority score assigned to the application by an NIH peer review group as described in paragraph (b) of this section;

(2) The relevance of the project for which construction is proposed to the objectives and priorities of the particular program authorized by the Act;

(3) The scientific merit of the research activities that will be carried out in the proposed facility;

(4) The scientific or professional standing or reputation of the applicant and of its existing or proposed officers and research staff;

(5) The availability, by affiliation or other association, of other scientific or health personnel and facilities to the extent necessary to carry out effectively the program proposed for the facility, including the adequacy of an acceptable biohazard control and containment program when warranted;

(6) The need for the facility and its total effects on similar or related facilities in the locale, and the need for appropriate geographic distribution of similar facilities; and

(7) The financial need of the applicant.

(b) The priority score of the application shall be based, among other pertinent factors, on the following criteria:

(1) The scientific merit of the total program and its component parts to be carried out in the facility;

(2) The administrative and leadership capabilities of the applicant's officers and staff;

(3) The organization of the applicant's research program and its relationship with the applicant's overall research programs;

(4) The anticipated effect of the project on other relevant research programs and facilities in the geographic area, and nationwide;

(5) The need for the project or additional space; and

(6) The project cost and design.