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§ 52d.4 - Application.

(a) Application for a grant under this subpart shall be made on an authorized form. 1 Applicants shall submit completed forms, on or before the dates the Director, NCI, may prescribe.

1 Applications and instructions are available from the Division of Cancer Research Resources and Centers, Education Branch, Westwood Building, 5333 Westbard Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20205.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) In addition to any other pertinent information that the Director, NCI, may require, each application shall set forth in detail:

(1) A program plan defining the objectives of the proposed program and the means by which these objectives would be achieved, including descriptions of:

(i) The general educational level (e.g., pre-doctoral, post-doctoral) of the students to be involved in the program;

(ii) The proposed course of study and its relation to the diagnosis, prevention, control, and treatment of cancer;

(iii) The clinical experiences to be provided to the students;

(iv) Multidisciplinary aspects of the program;

(v) The particular schools or branches within the institution which would have responsibility for individual aspects of the program; and

(vi) The teaching mechanisms to be employed, including specific discussion of those techniques which would be innovative.

(2) The availability of personnel, facilities, and resources needed to carry out the program;

(3) The names, qualifications, and proposed duties of the program director and any staff members who would be responsible for the program, including a description of those duties which would actually be carried out by the program director and those which would be shared with or assigned to others;

(4) The names and qualifications of proposed members of a cancer education committee which would be established by the applicant to advise it on the planning, organization, operation and evaluation of the program and the specific duties which would be assigned to said committee;

(5) Insofar as necessary, cooperative arrangements with other schools, hospitals, and institutions which would participate in the program;

(6) The proposed project period, a detailed budget for the first budget period including a list of other anticipated sources of support and anticipated total needs for each of the succeeding budget periods of the requested project period, and a justification for the amount of grant funds requested;

(7) Proposed methods for monitoring and evaluating the program; and

(8) A description of how the education and training effort will be sustained upon expiration of the award.

[45 FR 12247, Feb. 25, 1980, as amended at 47 FR 53012, Nov. 24, 1982]