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§ 52d.7 - Expenditure of grant funds.

(a) Any funds granted pursuant to this part shall be expended solely for the purposes for which the funds were granted in accordance with the approved application and budget, the regulations of this part, the terms and conditions of the awards, and the applicable cost principles prescribed by 45 CFR part 75, subpart E, except that grant funds may not be used for costs incurred in connection with activities which, prior to the grant, were part of the grantee's standard curriculum.

(b) The Director, NCI, may permit unobligated grant funds remaining in the grant account at the close of a budget period to be carried forward for obligation during a subsequent budget period, provided a continuation award is made for that period and the NCI Director's written approval is obtained. The amount of any subsequent award will take into consideration unobligated grant funds remaining in the grant account.

[45 FR 12247, Feb. 25, 1980, as amended at 81 FR 3008, Jan. 20, 2016]