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§ 52i.12 - What happens if a grantee fails to administer the research endowment grant in accordance with applicable regulations?

(a) The Director, after giving notice and an opportunity for a hearing, may authorize the termination of a grant awarded and/or recovery of funds under this part during the 20-year period if the grantee:

(1) Withdraws or spends any part of the endowment fund corpus in violation of this part;

(2) Spends any portion of the endowment fund income not permitted to be spent in this part;

(3) Fails to invest the endowment fund corpus in accordance with the investment standards set forth in this part;

(4) Fails to meet the requirements in § 52i.7; or

(5) Otherwise fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the award.

(b) Recovery of funds may include up to the amount of endowment awards plus any income earned.