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§ 53.154 - Waiver of right of recovery.

In determining whether there is good cause for waiver of any right of recovery which he may have against a nonprofit private agency by reason of any payments made pursuant to a loan guarantee, or against a public agency by reason of the failure of such agency to make payments of principal and interest on a direct loan to such agency, the Secretary shall take into consideration the extent to which:

(a) The facility with respect to which the loan guarantee or direct loan was made will continue to be devoted by the applicant or other owner to use for the purpose for which it was constructed or another public or nonprofit purpose which will promote the purposes of the Act;

(b) There are reasonable assurances that for the remainder of the repayment period of the loan other public or non-profit facilities not previously utilized for the purpose for which the facility was constructed will be so utilized and are substantially equivalent in nature and extent for such purposes; and

(c) Such recovery would seriously curtail the provision of medical services to persons in need of such services in the area.

[37 FR 182, Jan. 6, 1972]