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§ 64.4 - How to apply for a grant.

Applications for grants must include the following information:

(a) Required information on the proposed project. (1) The nature, duration, and purpose of the training for which the application is filed.

(2) The name and qualifications of the project director and any key personnel responsible for the proposed project.

(3) A description of the facilities, staff, support services, and other organizational resources available to carry out the project.

(4) The intended number of trainees and the minimum qualifications and criteria for their selection.

(5) A description of the plan for evaluating the proposed project.

(6) Other pertinent information the Secretary may require to evaluate the proposed project.

(b) Required information on costs. (1) A budget for the proposed project and a justification of the amount of grant funds requested.

(2) If institutional expenses are requested, a separate statement of the amounts requested for personal services, equipment, supplies, or other non-personal services.

(3) If stipend costs are requested, a statement for each grant year of the estimated number of individuals to whom stipends will be provided and the length of time for which the stipend support will be provided. If other trainee costs are requested, they must be separately stated and justified.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0925-0276)