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§ 64.8 - How may funds be used?

A grantee shall expend funds it receives under this part solely in accordance with the approved application and budget, the regulations of this part, the terms and conditions of the grant award, and the applicable cost principles in 45 CFR part 75, subpart E. The funds may not be expended for:

(a) Compensation for employment or for the performance of personal services by individuals receiving training and instruction; or

(b) Payments to any individual who does not meet the minimum qualifications for training and instruction established by the grantee and approved by the Secretary or who has failed to demonstrate satisfactory participation in the training in accordance with the usual standards and procedures of the grantee.

[56 FR 29192, June 26, 1991, as amended at 81 FR 3009, Jan. 20, 2016]