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§ 65.1 - To what projects do these regulations apply?

(a) The regulations in this part apply to:

(1) The program of grants for the training and education of workers who are or are likely to be engaged in activities related to hazardous waste removal or containment, or emergency response that is authorized under section 126(g) of the SARA; and

(2) The program of grants to support qualified non-profit organizations for the purpose of providing training and education to hazardous materials employees regarding: the safe unloading, loading, handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials; and, emergency preparedness for responding to accidents or incidents involving the transportation of hazardous materials that is authorized under section 118 of the HMTA.

(b) Grants are available for curriculum and training materials development, technical support of training, direct student training, training program evaluation and related activities. Target populations for this training are workers and supervisors who are or are likely to be engaged in hazardous substance removal or other activities which expose or potentially expose these workers to hazardous substances in activities such as:

(1) Waste handling and processing at waste generators and active and inactive hazardous substance treatment, storage, and disposal facilities;

(2) Clean up, removal, containment, or remedial actions at waste sites;

(3) Hazardous substance emergency response;

(4) Hazardous substance disposal site risk assessment and investigation, clean up, or remedial actions; and

(5) Transportation of hazardous wastes.

Target populations may also be regulated under standards promulgated by the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Transportation, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other agencies under section 126(g) of the SARA or section 106(b) of the HMTA.

(c) Two types of grants are available: Program grants covering the full range of activities, including program development, direct worker training and education, and program evaluation; and planning grants under the SARA.

(1) Planning grants are intended to assist organizations which demonstrate potential for providing hazardous worker training, but need additional developmental efforts prior to initiation of full curriculum development and training activities. A limited number of one-year planning grants may be funded at a level determined appropriate by the Director. After successful completion of a one-year planning grant, a recipient may apply for a full program grant on a competitive basis.

(2) Full program grants will be awarded to organizations with demonstrated capability to provide worker health and safety training and education and demonstrated ability to identify, describe, and access target populations. Full program grantees must be able to immediately initiate curriculum development and worker training activities.

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