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§ 65.4 - Project requirements.

In addition to meeting the requirements specified in the application, the instructions accompanying it, and the regulations referred to in § 65.8, each applicant must meet the following requirements:

(a) Two or more nonprofit organizations may join in a single application and share grant resources in order to maximize worker group coverage, enhance the effectiveness of training, and bring together appropriate academic disciplines and talents. Joint applications must describe the cooperative arrangements for program integration and effectiveness. Specific expertise, facilities, or services to be provided by each participating member must be identified.

(b) Each applicant must detail the nature, duration, and purpose of the training for which the application is filed. The proposed training program must meet the standards promulgated by the Secretary of Labor and Secretary of Transportation under section 126(g) of the SARA or section 106(b) of the HMTA, and such additional requirements as the Director may prescribe to ensure appropriate health and safety training.

(c) The applicant must provide assurance that the applicant will not discriminate in the selection of trainees or instructors on the basis of membership or nonmembership in a union.

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