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§ 65.5 - How will applications be evaluated?

(a) The Director shall evaluate applications through the officers and employees, and experts and consultants engaged by the Director for that purpose. The Director's first level of evaluation will be for technical merit and shall take into account, among other pertinent factors, the significance of the project, the qualifications and competency of the project director and proposed staff (including the ability to manage complex training programs), the adequacy of selection criteria for trainees for the project, the adequacy of the detailed training plan including provision for hands-on training, the adequacy of the applicant's resources available for the project, the amount of grant funds necessary for completion of its objectives, and how well the projects meet training criteria in OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Regulation (29 CFR 1910.120) and/or how well they cover the target populations listed in § 65.1(b). A second level of review will be conducted for program relevance.

(b) Within the limits of funds available, the Director may award training grants to carry out those projects which have satisfied the requirements of the regulations of this part; are determined by the Director to be technically meritorious; and in the judgment of the Director best promote the purposes of the grant programs authorized by section 126(g) of the SARA or section 118 of the HMTA, the regulations of this part, and program priorities.

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