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§ 68.10 - What loans are ineligible for repayment?

The following loans are ineligible for repayment under the NIH LRPs:

(a) Loans not obtained from a bank, credit union, savings and loan association, not-for-profit organization, insurance company, school, and other financial or credit institution that is subject to examination and supervision in its capacity as a lending institution by an agency of the United States or of the state in which the lender has its principal place of business;

(b) Loans for which supporting documentation is not available;

(c) Loans that have been consolidated with loans of other individuals, such as spouses or children;

(d) Loans or portions of loans obtained for educational or living expenses that exceed the standard of reasonableness as determined by the participant's standard school budget for the year in which the loan was made and are not determined by the NIH to be reasonable based on additional documentation provided by the individual;

(e) Loans, financial debts, or service obligations incurred under the following programs, or similar programs, which provide loans, scholarships, loan repayments, or other awards in exchange for a future service obligation:

(1) Armed Forces (Army, Navy, or Air Force) Professions Scholarship Program,

(2) Exceptional Financial Need (EFN) Scholarship Program,

(3) Financial Assistance for Disadvantaged Health Professions Students (FADHPS),

(4) Indian Health Service Scholarship Program,

(5) National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program,

(6) National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP),

(7) National Research Service Award (NRSA) Program,

(8) Physicians Shortage Area Scholarship Program,

(9) Primary Care Loans (PCL), and

(10) Public Health Service Scholarship Program;

(f) Any loan in default, delinquent, or not in a current payment status;

(g) Any Federal educational loan debt - including debt arising from the conversion of a service obligation to a loan - that has been in default or written off as uncollectible is ineligible for repayment under the Program, even if currently considered to be in good standing;

(h) Loan amounts that participants were due to have been paid prior to the LRP contract start date;

(i) Parents PLUS loans (except the Graduate PLUS loans for students);

(j) Loans for which promissory notes have been signed after the LRP contract start date (with the exception of qualifying student loan consolidations); and

(k) Home equity loans or other noneducational loans.