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§ 68b.3 - Who is eligible to apply for a Scholarship Program award?

(a) To be eligible for a scholarship under this part, applicants must meet the following requirements:

(1) Applicants must be accepted for enrollment, or be enrolled, as full-time undergraduate students in a school;

(2) Applicants must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 or a 3.5 average in their major field of study (on a 4.0 scale) or be ranked within the top five percent of their current class (or those students entering, if applying in their freshman year);

(3) Applicants must come from a disadvantaged background as defined by § 68b.2;

(4) Applicants must meet the citizenship requirements for federal employment; and

(5) Applicants must submit an application to participate in the Scholarship Program together with a signed contract as outlined in sections 487D(a) and (f) of the Act.

(b) Any applicant who owes an obligation for service to a State or other entity under an agreement entered into before filing an application under this part is ineligible for an award unless a written statement satisfactory to the Director is submitted from the State or entity that:

(1) There is no potential conflict in fulfilling the service obligation to the State or entity and the Scholarship Program, and

(2) The Scholarship Program service obligation will be served before the service obligation for professional practice owed to the State or entity.