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§ 9.7 - Reproduction.

Chimpanzee reproduction is prohibited in the sanctuary. Therefore, all males must be sterilized by vasectomy before acceptance into the system, or, as a temporary measure, housed apart from females until they are sterilized. Vasectomies are advisable because they are minimally invasive and because effectiveness of the vasectomy may be validated through laboratory testing for semen. Seminal collection techniques must be carefully evaluated to avoid painful stimuli. Other proven methods of birth control may be used under special conditions deemed appropriate by the Facility Veterinarian and SCCC. The Facility Veterinarian must determine the appropriate test(s) to use to validate sterility. A veterinarian experienced in performing vasectomies in chimpanzees should perform the operation. Documentation must accompany each male accepted to the sanctuary system attesting to the fact that the male has been vasectomized and laboratory tests confirm that a segment of the Vas Deferens has been removed, or that the test used is reliable and is negative for sperm. The sanctuary must have a contingency plan for handling accidental births that includes the length of time the offspring is expected to remain with the mother.