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§ 9.9 - Facility staffing.

How many personnel are required to staff the chimpanzee sanctuary and what qualifications and training must the staff possess? (a) The professional, managerial, and support staff must be sufficient to support the scope and diversity of the activities and chimpanzee population of the sanctuary. The level of staffing shall be adequate to ensure that the chimpanzees receive appropriate health care, are well cared for, and the administrative and fiscal operations are sound and in keeping with current practices required by ORIP/DPCPSI/NIH ;

(b) There must be a sufficient number of appropriately trained animal care and technical personnel to provide appropriate care to the chimpanzees at all times, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. The number of animal care staff to chimpanzee ratio shall be adjusted as experience is gained during the operation of the sanctuary. Sufficiently trained staff also must be available to maintain adequate behavioral enrichment;

(c) The Facility Director must be a person with experience in chimpanzee care and socialization techniques. In addition, the Director must have management and administrative experience;

(d) The Biosafety Officer must have experience in developing and monitoring biohazards and dealing with biosafety issues related to captive nonhuman primates. Experience in these areas dealing specifically with chimpanzees is desirable;

(e) The remaining staff, which may include part-time, full-time, or contractor Facility Veterinarian(s) and Behaviorist(s), must possess the skills, knowledge, and/or experience required to perform their duties, as elaborated within the regulation.

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