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§ 1001.1801 - Waivers of exclusions.

(a) The OIG has the authority to grant or deny a request from the administrator of a Federal health care program (as defined in section 1128B(f) of the Act) that an exclusion from that program be waived with respect to an individual or entity, except that no waiver may be granted with respect to an exclusion under § 1001.101(b). The request must be in writing and from an individual directly responsible for administering the Federal health care program.

(b) With respect to exclusions under § 1001.101(a), (c), or (d), a request from a Federal health care program for a waiver of the exclusion will be considered only if the Federal health care program administrator determines that -

(1) The individual or entity is the sole community physician or the sole source of essential specialized services in a community; and

(2) The exclusion would impose a hardship on beneficiaries (as defined in section 1128A(i)(5) of the Act) of that program.

(c) With respect to exclusions imposed under subpart C of this part, a request for waiver will only be granted if the OIG determines that imposition of the exclusion would not be in the public interest.

(d) If the basis for the waiver ceases to exist, the waiver will be rescinded, and the individual or entity will be excluded for the period remaining on the exclusion, measured from the time the exclusion would have been imposed if the waiver had not been granted.

(e) In the event a waiver is granted, it is applicable only to the program(s) for which waiver is requested.

(f) The decision to grant, deny or rescind a request for a waiver is not subject to administrative or judicial review.

[57 FR 3330, Jan. 29, 1992, as amended at 82 FR 4116, Jan. 12, 2017]