U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Mar 29, 2020

§ 2743.2-1 - Patent provisions for new disposal sites.

For new disposal sites, each patent will provide that:

(a) The patentee shall comply with all Federal and State laws applicable to the disposal, placement, or release of hazardous substances;

(b) The patentee shall indemnify and hold harmless the United States against any legal liability or future costs that may arise out of any violation of such laws;

(c) Except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section, the land conveyed under § 2743.2 of this part shall revert to the United States unless substantially used in accordance with an approved plan and schedule of development on or before the date five years after the date of conveyance;

(d) If, at any time, the patentee transfers to another party ownership of any portion of the land not used for the purpose(s) specified in the application and the approved plan of development, the patentee shall pay the Bureau of Land Management the fair market value, as determined by the authorized officer, of the transferred portion as of the date of transfer, including the value of any improvements thereon; and

(e) No portion of the land covered by such patent shall under any circumstance revert to the United States if such portion has been used for solid waste disposal or for any other purpose that the authorized officer determines may result in the disposal, placement, or release of any hazardous substance.