U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Apr 09, 2020

§ 3162.2-2 - What steps may BLM take to avoid uncompensated drainage of Federal or Indian mineral resources?

If we determine that a well is draining Federal or Indian mineral resources, we may take any of the following actions:

(a) If the mineral resources being drained are in Federal or Indian leases, we may require the lessee to drill and produce all wells that are necessary to protect the lease from drainage, unless the conditions of this part are met. BLM will consider applicable Federal, State, or Tribal rules, regulations, and spacing orders when determining which action to take. Alternatively, we may accept other equivalent protective measures;

(b) If the mineral resources being drained are either unleased (including those which may not be subject to leasing) or in Federal or Indian leases, we may execute agreements with the owners of interests in the producing well under which the United States or the Indian lessor may be compensated for the drainage (with the consent of the Federal or (in consultation with the Indian mineral owner and BIA) Indian lessees, if any);

(c) We may offer for lease any qualifying unleased mineral resources under part 3120 of this chapter or enter into a communitization agreement; or

(d) We may approve a unit or communitization agreement that provides for payment of a royalty on production attributable to unleased mineral resources as provided in § 3181.5.

[66 FR 1893, Jan. 10, 2001]