U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Jun 01, 2020

§ 3742.3-2 - Contents of published notice.

The notice to be published as required by the preceding section, shall describe the lands covered by the application, offer, permit or lease in the same manner as is required under § 3742.2 Such published notice shall notify whomever it may concern, that if any person claiming or asserting under, or by virtue of, any unpatented mining claim located prior to enactment of the Act of August 13, 1954, any right or interest in Leasing Act minerals as to such lands or any part thereof, shall fail to file in the office where such Request for Publication was filed (which office shall be specified in such notice), and within 150 days from the date of the first publication of such notice (which date shall be specified in such notice), a verified statement which shall set forth, as to such unpatented mining claim:

(a) The date of location;

(b) The book and page of recordation of the notice or certificate of location;

(c) The section or sections of the public land surveys which embrace such mining claim; or if such lands are unsurveyed, either the section or sections which would probably embrace such mining claim when the public land surveys are extended to such lands or a tie by courses and distances to an approved United States mineral monument;

(d) Whether such claimant is a locator or purchaser under such location; and

(e) The name and address of such claimant and names and addresses so far as known to the claimant of any other person or persons claiming any interest or interests in or under such unpatented mining claim; such failure shall be conclusively deemed (1) to constitute a waiver and relinquishment by such mining claimant of any and all right, title, and interest under such mining claim as to, but only as to, Leasing Act minerals, and (2) to constitute a consent by such mining claimant that such mining claim and any patent issued therefor, shall be subject to the reservation of Leasing Act minerals specified in section 4 of the Act, and (3) to preclude thereafter any assertion by such mining claimant of any right or title to or interest in any Leasing Act mineral by reason of such mining claim.