U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 28, 2020

§ 3830.8 - How will BLM use the information it collects and what does it estimate the burden is on the public?

(a) The Office of Management and Budget has approved the collections of information contained in parts 3830-3838 of this chapter under 44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq. and has assigned clearance number 1004-0114.

(b) BLM will use the information collected to:

(1) Keep records of mining claims or sites;

(2) Maintain ownership records to those mining claims or sites;

(3) Determine the geographic location of the mining claims or sites recorded for proper land management purposes; and

(4) Determine which mining claims or sites the claimant wishes to continue to hold under applicable Federal statutes.

(c) BLM estimates that the public reporting burden for this information averages 8 minutes per response. This burden includes time for reviewing instructions, searching existing records, gathering and maintaining the data collected, and completing and reviewing the information collected.

(d) Send any comments on information collection, including your views on the burden estimate and how to reduce the burden, to: the Information Collection Clearance Officer (WO-630), Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States Office, 7450 Boston Boulevard, Springfield, Virginia 22153; and the Office of Management and Budget, Paperwork Reduction Project, 1004-0114, Washington, D.C. 20503.